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August 26, 2012
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Japan x Reader – Sunlight, Moonlight

'Hello Kiku!' Exclaimed a female voice from behind the aforementioned male. Kiku stopped drawing hastily and nervously turned round in his seat, closing his precious sketchpad with a "snap".

'______-chan, how are you?

______ happily sat next to her Japanese friend, plonking herself down and swinging round in her chair to face him, smiling.

'I'm good, thanks. Watcha drawing?'

Kiku shifted nervously in his seat, not meeting her eyes.

'Nothing important ______-chan. Is there something you wanted?'

______ blinked, surprised.

'Nope, I just wanted to see you.'

Truth was, Kiku had been acting strange around her for awhile and she was getting a bit worried about her friend.

'I see.'

'…are you ok?' ______ asked, studying him closely.

'I am fine.'

'Oh. Cool…' She nodded at him in an offhand kind of way. Not that Kiku saw it or anything because, man, that crack in the paint on the wall was really interesting.

An awkward silence settled on top of them like a heavy fog and seemed to last forever.

'…Dude, you sure you're ok?' ______ finally asked bluntly, momentarily forgetting Kiku's "no-touching" rule and poking him on the arm. Kiku jumped and frowned at her slightly.

'I am sure I am fine, ______-chan. There was no need to assaurt me.'

______'s jaw dropped as she stared at Kiku in disbelief.

'I did NOT "assault" you! I poked you! You would KNOW if I was assaulting you.'

'When your brother is Im Yong Soo, everything is considered assaurt, ______-chan.'

'Oh…yeah.' ______ blushed vivid red, remembering the day she first met Im Yong Soo…and he'd groped her. 'You have a point…Sorry.'

Kiku gave her a small smile that made her heart skip a beat.

'It's ok ______-chan…I saw one of your artworks up on the warr in the Art Department, it was very good.'

______ grinned at him, blushing modestly now.
'Thank you but I think you're a much better artist than me.'

Kiku surveyed her and said seriously;
'______-chan, you underestimate your artistic abirities.'



Alfred grinned down at Kiku and ______, who was clutching Kiku's arm with one hand, the other grasping her top over her racing heart, eyes wide.

'What did you DO that for?!' She squealed indignantly, too shocked to scowl at Alfred.

'That was very irresponsibre of you to scare ______-chan rike that Arfred.' Scolded Kiku, frowning lightly.



Alfred grinned down at them excitedly, oblivious to the atmosphere. ______ stared from Alfred to Kiku in pure shock, mouth open, the hand clutching Kiku's arm tightening. Kiku had blushed a bright shade of red and looked very uncomfortable and flustered.

Slowly, she gathered her senses and grew annoyed at Alfred for making Kiku uncomfortable.

'Alfred.' She spoke lowly, a glare forming on her face with every word, directed at Alfred. 'What or who Kiku draws is none of your business so leave him alone!'

Alfred backed up, hands in the air in mock-surrender. 'K dude, chill. I was only messin' with ya.'

There was a distant shout of what sounded suspiciously like "Alfred!" and Alfred laughed nervously, backing up even more.

'Heh heh…Gotta go, dudes! Seeya!' And with that, he turned tail and ran. Less than a minute later Arthur turned up looking furious.

'Have you two seen Alfred? The git put a frog in my locker again!'

'He went that way.' Answered ______, pointing in the direction Alfred ran off in.

Arthur nodded, said; 'Thanks, love.' And disappeared after him.

More silence.

______ pondered what to do, she was curious as to what Kiku had drawn but was unsure about approaching the subject. Kiku still looked uncomfortable so she decided to just straight-out ask him.

'Hay, Kiku? Can I see your drawings?'

Kiku flashed her a distressed look before shaking his head wildly.

'I rearry don't think-'

'Oh please Kiku?? Pleaseeee?' ______  shifted closer to him and gave him the puppy eyes, hoping it would work as well on him as it did on Yao and virtually everyone else that liked cute things.

Kiku's eye twitched and he teetered on saying "no" before giving up and silently nodding.

______ grinned in victory and carefully took the sketchpad innocently laying on the table
beside them and opened it.

Inside, she found several pictures of herself. One was her in school uniform, she was standing on what looked like the school roof, the wind was blowing and she was laughing with her eyes closed, one hand was holding some of her hair back so she didn't accidently inhale it whilst laughing, the other hung limply at her side.

Another, she was sitting at a desk, the sky outside was grey, making her figure slightly silhouetted. Her head was in her hand, eyes half closed, smiling slightly, doodling in a open book.

And here, a close-up of her grinning face and her right hand, which was holding a Sakura blossom. Was that a kimono she was wearing?

But the one that took her breath away was still only a sketch, unfinished, and she realised that was what Kiku had been drawing just before she came over to say hi. It was of her and Kiku, they were facing each other, hands entwined, foreheads touching, they were both wearing traditional  Japanese clothing, a slight wind was blowing, Sakura petals floating past them.

______ looked up at Kiku, blushing. He was staring at his folded hands, also blushing.

'I am sorry if you find the drawings uncomfortabre…'

'Are you kidding?' Demanded ______ and Kiku looked up at her, hope reflecting in his eyes.

'They're beautiful, I love them, I – ' She looked away, blush increasing, grip tightening on the sketchpad.
'I love you.'

A gentle hand touched her tense one and ______ looked up shyly.

Kiku was smiling at her, still red in the face but obviously ecstatic about her confession. ______ melted and shifted closer to him, holding his hand and giggling quietly.

'I rove you too, ______-chan. I have for awhire now.' Kiku said sincerely, staring into ______'s eyes and then, moving even closer to her, eyelids half closed; he drew a single, shaky breath before suddenly surging forward to connect there lips.

It was simple and very, very sweet.

______ felt as though tiny fireworks were erupting inside her stomach and when Kiku pulled away, her lips tingled with a phantom weight.

'KISSING WAS INVENTED IN SOUTH KOREA, DA-ZE~!' Came a sudden shout from behind ______, who let out a small scream and threw herself at Kiku. Had his arms not been around ______ to stop her from falling, Kiku would've face palmed.  
Trust his annoying, soon-to-be-dead brother to ruin a perfect moment with his girlfriend. His eyebrow twitch and he glared at Soo Yong.
Soo Yong just grinned at his face and said with his arms crossed;

'If you wanted to have a "moment" with _____-san, you should have done it in private so people don't interrupt you, da-ze. You brought this on yourself, da-ze.'

Kiku gave no response, just detached ______ and set her down on his seat as he stood up and took hold of his purple-cloth covered katana, carefully uncovering it. ______ watched him, innocently noting his blank expression and blinked when Kiku held out the purple cloth for her to take.

'Prease take this, ______-chan.'

'Ok Kiku!' ______ happily took it, clutching it to herself as she watched Kiku unsheathe his katana.

Soo Yong watched Kiku with more and more nervousness. Kiku looked Soo Yong dead in the eyes and said;


As if Soo Yong needed telling twice. He was gone before ______ could blink.

Kiku sheathed his katana and re-wrapped it in the purple cloth, placing it carefully beside his seat.

'Oh Kiku~! You take my breath away when you show your dominance~!' Sang ______, laughing in delight when Kiku's face turned red and blood started dripping from his nose.

'You're such a pervert~, hahaha~!'
What has the choosen title got to do with the content of the story?
Nothing at all!!
I just thought it sounded good... ;A;

This was a commission for :iconpuppy-slush:
A fluffy Japan x Reader...I fail So. Much.:iconfailboatplz:
I donno...IS it fluffy? I can't tell...

JAPAN!! Y U SO HARD TO KEEP IN CHARACTER?!?! :iconscreamplz:
Seriously, I got writers block about 4 times because his personality was being awkward.

Ahhh, whatever the result, I hope you enjoy reading~


Japan belongs to Papa-Hime :iconjapangasmplz:
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